VueJS Fullstack Automation

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Vue Fullstack Automation

Generate API based Create,Update,Delete,List,Search,Sort,Export + Necessary client side routes with a single command.

Modular Code

This component based architecture results clean and modular code which has the power to acomodate any customizations.


Built upon the Full Stack Javascript framework with javascript based MongoDB database which makes it even faster.

About Vuefull Automation

Vue Fullstack Generator is a Javascript Fullstack boiler plate, perfect for rapid development. It is built over the cutting edge technology and purely modular code.

This is based on ReST API and disconnected architecture. Hence you are free to use any front-end or backend.

This has the potential to be converted to any type of web application with a little customizations

  • Generate Create, Update, Delete, Read, Search, Sort with a 1 command.
  • All operations(Create, Update, Delete, Read, Search, Sort) are through API hence consumes less client memory
  • Integrated authentication module Login, Signup, Change Password, Forgot Password, Reset Password, Edit Profile
  • User Roles module with level of separation
  • Best user experience with Single Page Application
  • Modular coding structure
  • Auto deploy to production server
  • Better and cleaner JavaScript code
  • Simplified installation and configuration
  • Reliable: Load fast and provide offline experience
  • Fast: Respond quickly to user actions
  • Engaging: Feel like a native app on mobile devices
  • Industry best practices
  • Accessibility support out of the box
  • All configurations at 1 place
  • Highly customizable
  • Separate API and Client, hence highly flexible
  • Created using the latest technology stack MongoDB ExpressJS VueJS NodeJS (MEVN)
  • Auto generate minified files for deployment to production server
  • Modular Emails with integrated templating feature
  • Multilingual support
  • Made over material design specs

Uses all javascript technology(Full Stack). Hence require cloud infrastructure for hosting. You may choose any cloud provider like Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Linode, etc. It uses the following Frameworks and Database

  • VueJS (Client Side Scripting)
  • NodeJS (To build highly scalable server)
  • MongoDB (The database)

This is highly scalable and can handle many connections at a time.

Being an asynchronous event driven architecture its speed goes upto 5 fold as compared to existing php based solutions.


Vue Fullstack Generator is an evolution of CodeNx CRUD first released 36 Earthian months back with a code name “mCRUD”